Olly Wiggins is a digital marketing specialist, content curator and writer with nearly three years of practical experience in the industry. He has worked with Microsoft, Nordoff Robbins, Metropolis Studios and the Academy of Contemporary Music, in numerous roles spanning production assistance to digital marketing.

Growing up with an eagerness for software engineering, Olly took inspiration in the works of C418 - the composer of Minecraft: Volume Alpha - and pivoted towards music production at the age of 14. Utilising his extensive experience with electronics, he was able to produce several high-quality productions and studio recordings.

Olly embarked on a new journey within the music industry in a business-focused music degree. It was here where he rediscovered his passion for film making and front end web development. His work led to collaborations with Nordoff Robbins, Microsoft and Mylee, to name but a few. He is currently employed as a Communications Assistant at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

In his final year of university, Olly found admiration for research and academia. His dissertation thesis extensively analysed the effects of the Licensing Act 2003 on nightclubs in the United Kingdom and involved a case study of the London-based nightclub Fabric. For his final assignment, he wrote and produced a short documentary about warehouse parties and dance music in 1980s England.

With his work, Olly is eager to support women, LGBTQ+ and ethnic minorities within the dance music community.

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