The return of hip-house: Dave + Sam's debut release 'No Shade' review

Olly Wiggins, 24 May 2020

Strap in, because we're about to take a trip down Brooklyn.

Are you yearning for more classic house with some funky rap verses on top? Then look no further than Dave + Sam: a duo who bring with them the promise of a classic hip house revival, in the form of a debut album with deeper cuts and Brooklyn vibes.

Releasing on the quirky Classic Music Company label the album “No Shade” is a sassy, fierce vocal deep house selection with flavours of love and sociopolitical commentary. Each track will pull you in to every dimension of classic Chicago house: with luscious keys; pulsating drum rhythms and stabbing chords that we come to love and expect.

The album kicks off strong with Dave and feature artist LATASHA getting straight in to the thick of it with tight flows on a 4/4 beat before venturing deeper underground with “Til the World Blow Up” and “Sauce”. “Facts” comes along with a bouncy bass line; bringing political protest commentary and the perils of the current political climate in the US. LATASHA and Dave take a light-hearted turn in the next track with crude lyrics and funky chords that make me squirm out of my chair and dance. Azelia Banks would be proud. The album continues to explore bold new ideas and feelings before rounding off with my favourite track on the album “Look @ U”, a track light on the instrumental but proudly calling back to its influences on modern lo-fi and hip hop.

This is a solid debut release from Dave + Sam and I sure damn hope this kicks off a new hip house revolution.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended track: Look @ U

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